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As a Growing Company Do You Struggle With:

Wondering which of the millions of marketing strategies is best for your business model?

Overpaying to agencies & consultants with little results?

Finding a budget to hire a Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, because your current marketing efforts are not getting more sales?

Trying to get someone inside your company to handle marketing?

I understand how it feels when you’ve got a business to run, and have to juggle between keeping customers happy and pushing new sales. At the same time it’s your business, and when outsourcing to a marketing agency often fails because they don’t understand your business, it gets frustrating.

I’ve seen businesses that have lost thousands of dollars on paid ads… because the right strategy and process was missing.

Business owners have millions of things to think about like.

  • Legal compliance
  • Which digital and offline channels
  • Hiring and firing
  • and much MUCH more

Most companies don’t keep up with the competition over a 5-10 year span.

What Is a “Fractional CMO” ?

A “Fractional CMO” is like a “Chief Marketing Officer” in your company, but at fractional time & costs of a full time employee.

It’s like a “pay as you go” or “on demand” CMO.
An FCMO comes in to help your company from where you are, from a strategic standpoint, so you can get the right missing pieces in place for marketing.

CMO Vs. “Fractional CMO”

A CMO brings expertise, experience, and accountability to a businesses marketing program.

They know how to make a marketing budget get the best ROI.

They know how to create a plan and manage marketing staff.

A “Fractional CMO” Does all That, + More 

There is no long-term commitment to an Fractional CMO,

They are cheaper than a full-time CMO

They bring a unique, outsider perspective into your company. A normal employed full-time CMO’s new changes still come from the same place as the original plans, so nothing really changes.

They help you hire marketing people, or train existing team members in your company, so that the work gets done right.

They give real, honest feedback because they have no ownership of the original plans, and they do not have a personal agenda inside of the company

Meet Your Fractional CMO  

As your Fractional CMO, my primary objective is to provide marketing leadership and expertise, a service that is far too often overlooked in businesses. Over the past 20 years, I have helped over 150 companies to develop a successful marketing strategy and process, and set up effective teams within the company to carry on the work.


Helping Great Companies Like These for 20 Years

More Success

I’ve worked with Dan on dozens of projects over the last 6 years. His research and insight into what will position his clients well online and what it will take is amazing. It makes creating unique content and managing SEO a lot easier and ultimately more successful because he has that grasp on the core benefits and value his brands offer. Love working with him on projects. If you’re a brand that needs your messaging tightened up and a fresh look at how to break through the noise online, Dan’s your guy. – Jerry Cahalan


Dan, thank you so much for helping me fix the Twilio texting issue I was having with my Go High Level account. From one professional to another, you are in the top of your class. You really know your way around software and I can’t thank you enough. – Brad Brondt

Priceless Advice

I am new to my position as a digital marketer. The company that I currently work for had many issues surrounding their website. In trying to correct all of the issues I ran into what I considered a major crisis. I contacted Dan and within minutes he had my site up and running again. Not only did he help with the problems I was facing he has also offered priceless advice’s that I am sure will increase my profits. – Brandon Posey

Exemplary Customer Service

Daniel ( Danzdigital ) is truly an amazing company. I love the attention to the detail and the exemplary customer service they provide. He cultivates business relationships that are bound to last a lifetime. I highly recommend his services. He has build and currently maintains websites for me, my father and a few of my friends. – Katiana Shum

Expertise Was Invaluable

Working with Dan is an absolute pleasure! When I started my company and website I was at a loss for how to get things done on the marketing side. He translated the marketing and web “tech” speak into something understandable.

Dan’s expertise was invaluable in guiding me through the problems that I encountered as a start up. His team is responsive, professional, dependable and reliable.

I continue to work with Dan to bring my organization to the next level. He can do the same for your company! – David

Innovative Advertising Strategies

Dan from Danz Digital is amazing to work with! He provided us a wealth of new, innovative advertising strategies to market our dog nutraceutials website on Facebook, along with several other venues we had never even thought of. The result – Our sales jumped 29.7% overnight, and are continuing to grow. So if you want to to work with a true professional, Dan is your man with a superior marketing plan! – Troy

Brilliant Marketer

I have worked with Dan for over a decade. He is a brilliant marketer and a pleasure to do business with. His strategies for marketing are truly innovative and he goes above and beyond to find a solution that will bring success to every project he gets involved with. I am grateful to work with such a skilled individual. – Camille

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